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Star fox assault krystal 20041227.jpg

Name: Krystal McCloud
Appears In: Star Fox Series
Sex: Female
DOB: 1975 (age 41–42)
Nationality: English
Occupation(s): Arwing Pilot/Fighter
Played By: Estelle Ellis, Alesia Glidewell

Krystal before joining Star Fox.

Krystal McCloud (B. 1975) is a member of the Star Fox team, and is also Fox's wife (in several endings). She has one child with Fox (unusual, since Foxes usually give birth in litters).


Krystal was born on Cerinia in 1975. She grew-up as an orphan raised by a pedophile a wizard. In 1986, that Wizard was wrongly convicted of homicide, and was executed.

In 1999, Cerinia was destroyed by the Death Star somehow. At the time, Krystal was living in the late wizard's Edsel Ranger, which was hurled into space by the planet's destruction. The car landed intact on Earthwalker.

Later, she got trapped in a crystal, and was rescued by Fox McCloud. Now she is part of Star Fox.


Krystal during a furry's meme of her not enjoying her sandwitch.



  • On June 23, 2005, she got gay-married to Tails from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. Unfortunately for her, she got divorced in 2009 when both Krystal and Tails found out that they were cheating on each other (Tails was cheating on Krystal for Sonic The Hedgehog because she was experimenting with her sexuality, while Krystal was cheating on Tails for Fox McCloud).
  • She once called Slippy Toad a faggot.
  • Is a favourite of furries, along with Renamon from Digimon and Officer Carmelita of Sly Cooper.
  • Unfortunately, she is a mainstay in Star Fox doujin hentai, including crossovers and Yuri, but excluding Yaoi (obviously).
  • In human form, she appeared in an advert for Windows 7, where she stated that t'was her idea for Windows 7 to be easier to use, and with a new taskbar that allowed her to see each individual window.