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Hannah Montana

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Jafar hates Hannah Montana.   Hannah Montana is a Musician, but not a good one.

Hannah Montana is a pop sensation with lots of fangirls. She's really just Miley Cyrus wearing a blonde wig. Also, her brother Jackson is a creepy 32-year-old man who looks like a teenager. She has an annoying accent.

Liked by

Disliked by

  • Everyone who isn't one of the people above.
  • Better yet, everyone.
  • Modern day Miley.


  • The only redeeming thing about the franchise is that Billy Ray Cyrus (Who created the song Achy Breaky Heart.) is in it... and that's because he's her father!
  • Despite claiming to be "the best of both worlds," lots of people claim that "worst of both worlds" is more accurate.
  • "The best of both worlds" could possibly be referring to her being bisexual, or it could mean she can transform into a guy at will.
  • Once went on deck with some wizards.
  • She has a rival named Alexis Texas.
  • Her name rhymes!
    • So does Alexis Texas! :O
      • FUN FACT: Montana's name was intended to be Alexis Texas. But the name was instead given to a porn star.
  • She's been a special target for some video games, including a shitty Guitar Hero rip-off.
  • She once sent naked pictures of herself on the Internet. Lovely...
  • SPOILERS!!! Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are the same person!
  • She does not have an uncle named Tony Montana.