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Gardevoir (Japanese: サーナイト Sirnight) is a Psychic-type Pokémon. It is one of two final evolutions for the Ralts family, evolving from Kirlia. It's 5′03″ tall and weighs 106.7 lbs. It's mainly white and seems to wear a ballroom gown, giving it a graceful appearance. Why do we actually bother about this? Well....
Wait, people can get off to this?

Gardevoir Porn

Ever since the forums returned from the dead until the present day, porn involving this Pokemon is a debatable topic that spawns threads with nearly 20 pages of bickering and acid spitting. The origins are hazy, but it is presumed that the user ThyToonyman introduced it to the community by using teasing avatars and dirty images in sig spoilers. From the beginning the community was divided by this thorn in it's side. The opposing members say that it's not normal to find a Pokemon attractive, even if it does look human. Since nobody really knows WHAT the heck Gardevoir is, it is widely agreed upon that it's a human-like plant creature with a dorito sticking out of its chest, spawning the term "plantfag" for the supporters. What's funny is that in the games, Gardevoirs would much rather get with Grimers, Magcargos and other "amorphous" pokemon, not humans. Plus, 50% of them are male. Think about that last one...

Ah, this is much better.